BPbear carries a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder.  BPbear is a rapid cycler.  BPbear chooses to look at the diagnoses not as a label to conform to, a stigma of which to be ashamed,  or an excuse to hide behind, but rather as a handy explanation for the extreme nature of some silly tendencies that we all actually have to some degree, if we’re honest.  BPbear is relieved because the diagnoses means an escape from the pressure to prove any level of sanity because well, that is a pressure no one could handle if ever called into question really.

BPbear will be updated everyish Wednesday.

Jacinta Read is an artist of the BS variety.  She has too many ideas and not enough time.  She rarely follows through on anything.  In efforts to change this she has made “deliverables” the title and daily goal of her current season of life.  This blog is an attempt to create the first of (hopefully) many deposits in the deliverables account.  She had hoped it would be a physical book, but having hoped it for a couple years found it hadn’t happened.  Her husband tells her these webcomics are the latest rage, so…she’s giving it a go :)

BTW, yes, she carries the BP diagnosis, but does not consider herself a “sufferer”.

7 Responses

  1. jacinta, i LOVE that you’re doing this. seriously. show ’em who’s boss! and i love the concept. you go girl!!!

  2. hiiiii jacinta! i’m so glad i stumbled upon this… a bit stalkerish i know.. but i LOVE IT! more BPbear!

  3. I love these!!

  4. I LOVE HIM! What a fantastic gift you have. Thanks for sharing it.

  5. hey jacinta. i am loving these illustrations. they’re so creative and expressive! keep ’em coming!

  6. This site is awesome. Keep them coming.

  7. This is really creative Jacinta! I really enjoyed reading them =)

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